Amazing ice cream truck from Mister Cartoon

Amazing ice cream truck from Mister Cartoon

The much anticipated Juxtapoz 15th Anniversary party (previewed) went off this past Saturday and drew over 2,000 art lovers to the newly remodeled Factory Place Arts Complex in downtown Los Angeles. Mister Cartoon had all his classic rides out on display in the outside area as well as a beautiful chopper and his show-stopping pimped out Ice Cream truck inside with the rest of the art on display. Over 140 pieces were on view including just about every major name in our movement. If you missed it, you can still view all the works online.

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Part One of the auction ends today, Friday, November 20th. Don’t sleep on this. There are some AMAZING works to be had in this show and many with very low bids right now. Granted, the final hour or two of the auction should see a ton of activity as with any online auction, but you can place a top bid and have it autobid up to that amount, so it’s worth a try for sure, and it supports a truly worthy cause – all proceeds go to build homes for homeless families in the hard hit Detroit, MI, courtesy of the good folks at Powerhouse Project.

Part One includes prime examples of work from such pillars of our movement as Swoon, Robert Williams, Thomas Campbell, Shepard Fairey, Mister Cartoon, the Clayton Brothers, Ron English, Andrew Schoultz, Chris Mars, and many more.

Part Two of the auction launches on Monday, November 23rd. Due to the vast amount of amazing donations, Juxtapoz decided it best to split the offerings up into two auctions to spread things out and allow for more breathing room. The 2nd auction opens this coming Mon, Nov. 23rd and will run through December 17th. Some of the gems in this run are original works from Futura, El Mac, The Date Farmers, Gary Baseman, Sam Flores, Slick, Natalia Fabia, Claw Money, and many more.

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