As many art fans know, art isn’t just about the finished product; it’s often the process and inspiration that it draws from. Unlike their previous art fairs, Mizuma Gallery focused it efforts at Art Basel with a solo project from Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba entitled “Breathing is Free: 12,756.3- Ho Chi Minh City 118.3 km.”

This unique series of work focuses on Jun physically running 12,756 Kilometers – the diameter of the earth – utilizing a wrist GPS as he runs and via the magic of a satellite map, he draws flowers and various geometric patterns with his marathon sessions in countries such as Taiwan, Vietnam and Laos. Mizuma also featured an interesting video session from Jun called “the Ground, the Root, and the Air: The passing of the Bodhi Tree” which documents Jun’s work from 2004-2007. More after jump.

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