AM had the honor this past weekend of visiting Mike Shine‘s historic “surf shack” as the artist was preparing for his latest installation, opening today at SFMoMA. Nestled away in the heart of Bolinas, Mike Shine has created for himself the ideal Nordic retreat, the perfect getaway for him and his family of artists. Purchased six years ago, the surf shack has become an institution in and of itself. With recreations built for the Museum of Craft and Folk Art, Mollusk Surf Shop, White Walls, Art Basel and more, the secluded shack has become an eclectic and fascinating representative of the folky surf culture that California is so famous for.

This weekend, Shine will be hosting “The Mike Shine Show”, featuring the sounds of the McKittrick Pitts as well as a full on carnival inspired installation with games and prizes. The Mike Shine Show will run today, Saturday Jan. 16th and tomorrow, Sunday January 17th, from 11AM to 4PM.

Studio visit pictures after the jump.