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Openings: Justin BUA @ Pop International Gallery

On Thursday night, AM was on hand to catch the opening of  Justin BUA’s homecoming show at the Pop International Gallery. Justin’s innovative mix of urban and illustrative styles drew many of the Big Apple’s finest out to attend the opening. As mentioned in our preview, this show had an impressive mix of old and new. From his classic “DJ” and “1981” to his latest centerpieces of Muhammad Ali and Jay-Z, he shows his talent for using his illustrative techniques and his creativity to capture […]

Openings: Barnstormers @ Joshua Liner Gallery

The beautiful weather and the promise of great art seemingly brought out all the five boroughs Thursday night for the opening of the Barnstormers show at Joshua Liner Gallery. The exhibition – which was so large that it overflowed Liner’s third floor space into an entire other gallery on the floor below – leaned toward presenting individual works from the diverse group of artists, instead of toward collaborative installations as expected. Of course, pieces by stars of the original scene such as David Ellis, Swoon, […]

Openings: Chris Peters & David R. Choquette @ Last Rites Gallery

Last weekend, the Last Rites Gallery hosted artists Chris Peters’ (previewed) and David R. Choquette‘s newest bodies of work. Both artists were in attendance and focused on subject matter consistent with what we have come to expect from the gallery – Peters with his signature skeletal forms and Choquette with his celebration of the grotesque. See all the pic after the jump…

Openings: “Re-Creation II @ Ogilvy & Mather by Carmichael Gallery

One of the highlights of Armory Week was a pop-up show like none other thrown by the Carmichael Gallery and Jun Lee at the Ogilvy & Mather’s Manhattan corporate offices. Imagine allowing urban talents running a muck through each floor of office hallways and elevator entry ways creating gigantic colorful installations, filling the places where normally bland office interiors greeted you every Monday. Even the customary plasmas that housed generic greetings/company slogans where remixed with a rad loop of the artists installing their newly minted […]

Installation / Preview: “Re-Creation II” @ Ogilvy & Mather w/ Carmichael Gallery

This Friday, March 5th the Carmichael Gallery is visiting the big apple for a collaboration project with Ogilvy & Mather and Jun Lee for a special Armory Week presentation of art’s emerging contemporary street artists. In a show called Re-Creation II, they’ll host a collection of international artists such as: Will Barras, Simon Birch, Boxi, Ethos, Mark Jenkins, Labrona (interviewed), Aakash Nihalani, Nina Pandolfo and WK Interact. AM stopped by the gallery as the artists were neck deep in creating murals and installs for the […]