Tomorrow, April 9th, a trio of shows are scheduled to welcome Thinkspace Gallery to the Culver City art district (6009 Washington Blvd., Culver City, CA 90232). For their inaugural opening night in their more upscale and larger space (formerly the home of Kinsey DesForges and BLK/MRKT), Anthony Pontius will be bringing a new body of work for the main gallery, this time centered on his own unique take on potraiture, entitled “the caped cobra and his merry band of riders”.

Also, two group shows in their project room and office respectively – “Vision” and Hunt & Gather’s exhibition celebrating their book release (book signing April 10th) – feature some great artists including Stella Im Hultberg, Tessar Lo, Jeff Ramirez, Pakayla Rai Biehn, Jennifer Nehrbass, Linnea Strid, Jacub Gagnon, Victor Castillo, Scott Radke, Scott Belcastro among many others.

For those interested, our friend Commandax has a nice interview with the gallery that gives you a little more background. Take a look at some setup pics to get an idea of how the newly remodeled space looks like as well as some preview pics – all after the jump…

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