Mr. Thomas Doyle surrounded by his created universe

Mr. Thomas Doyle surrounded by his creative universe

Thomas Doyle is the man all girls and boys look up to and admire, not only because he creates fascinating and immersive works of art, but also because he is pursuing his childhood love, creating three dimensional worlds using only his imagination and two hands.  We are all much better off thanks to his career decision.  In his first solo show in Los Angeles, Doyle presents his recognizable sculptures of intricate miniature snapshots of life and for the very first time, photographs.

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This exhibition concentrates on family and home life.  Upside down houses, crumbling foundations, isolated people, and a house consisting of just the exterior with no insides are all part of Doyle’s universe.  The artist’s work features narratives that become apparent in close-up viewing and observation.  The closed dome nature of the sculptures suggests a voyeuristic scene that we are provided access to view, unbeknownst to the figures inside.  The glass domes, which are specially handmade, include inherent flaws, seemingly contributing to the humanity of the events that are featured inside.

Needless to say, if you are fortunate enough to be in the area, in-person viewing of the work is greatly recommended.  Walk around each piece and look at it from different perspectives to get a true sense of what is going on in each enclosed world.  See the show at LeBasse Projects before it closes May 22.