Asger Carlsen’s surreal exhibition, Wrong, which originally showed at V1 Gallery in Denmark a couple of months back, is now collected, available to have and hold in your hands in book format.  Flip through the book, arrive at any random image in Wrong, and you’ll understand why it is titled the way it is.

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Although the settings in the black & white photographs represent the mundane and everyday world we know of, some characters and random captivating amorphous blobs seem to be pulled straight out of an alternate dimension or X-Files-type underground.

The artist’s technique is clean, masterful, and subtle.  Employing just seemingly small looking changes, your perception of the image’s reality is drastically altered.   The results are creative, dark, disturbing, and at times very humorous.  You know people and animals do not walk around with wooden stationary legs and there are no multi-eyed men out there, yet there they are, right in front of you, existing in our own world.  If only those digitally enhanced and altered areas of your favorite celebrity’s face or body in any random magazine were that easy to recognize, reality would be much easier to determine.

The book, with forward by Tim Barber, is available now at Mörel Books. It includes two separate covers and is a limited edition of 1,000, so don’t sleep too long on getting yours.

All images ©Mörel Books and Asger Carlsen
Article by Khoi Nguyen.