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Releases: Asger Carlsen – “Wrong” Artist Book

Asger Carlsen’s surreal exhibition, Wrong, which originally showed at V1 Gallery in Denmark a couple of months back, is now collected, available to have and hold in your hands in book format.  Flip through the book, arrive at any random image in Wrong, and you’ll understand why it is titled the way it is. More after the jump…

Preview: Manifest Equality – Pop Up Show

Some of you may remember our coverage from DC during inauguration week where Shepard Fairey sponsored a pop up show called Manifest Hope. The show was a roaring success drawing together artists from across the nation in their support of the Obama campaign and it’s creation of “Hope.” Now, the show has transitioned to a new theme of equality and it’s next stop is Los Angeles. Manifest Equality enlists another stellar group of artist such as Barry McGee, El Mac, Clare Rojas, Gary Baseman, Tim […]

Just Closed: Inka Essenhigh – “The Old New Age” @ 303 Gallery

We were able to catch Inka Essenhigh’s latest show “The Old New Age” at 303 Gallery just before it closed last Saturday, and we were glad we did. Whereas the surrealist painter’s works had previously been abstract compositions with forms that hinted of being representational of people and landscapes, her current pieces are for the most part figurative, portraying enchanted scenes of forests and goddesses. Her bright palates and fantastic images bring to mind stills from beautifully rendered animated stories. See all the images, after […]