Ever the gentleman, Michael De Feo brought a whole bunch of flowers as a gift to the attendees at his solo show in Hong Kong last week including some live painting. “Mining for Splinters and Diamonds” (previewed) brought a selection of abstract and figurative mixed media pieces to  No Borders Art, and AM was there to check out the work.

Michael got busy decorating the gallery space with a series of his iconic flowers, set against the backdrop of the new portrait paintings on display featuring a series of people close to the artist, and a direct progression from his recent series of self portraiture. The intensity of De Feo’s work is evident in his action painting style, so much so that you can visualize just how each of the marks made on the canvas were laid down, the richness of the colors adding to the highly visual aspect of his work.

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Pictures by AM:HK Layla Kawashima.