Letters – we’ve learned about them before we even enter kindergarten, practice writing them in school for years, and use them countless times everyday to communicate. They are vital to our lives, yet how many of us really take the time to examine, dissect, and improve upon their appearance? Even the most normally basic of forms want to be prettied up, admired, and told that they were beautiful and enriched your lives; show you things you’ve never considered before. Victor Reyes is acutely aware of all these things and his show at Robert Berman/E6 Gallery in San Francisco will open your eyes and school you on it.

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The prolific California graffiti hero from the legendary AWR/MSK crew has been spreading his colorful, free-flowing letters around San Francisco for the past two years. He’s hit up walls, fences, trucks, and rooftops, enhancing the environment wherever he touches. With this public arts project, the culmination of which is contained today in the Misspelled gallery exhibition, the artist hopes to raise questions about how we interpret public spaces and their content.

The solo show includes paintings of individual letters from the alphabet, as well as works that contain multiple letters that seem to fade into and out of the background, each one competing for your attention.  They’re striking, they’re vibrant, and they’re bursting with movement. Visit the exhibition today and check out your favorite letters as you’ve never seen them before.  The gallery is located on 1632 Market Street in San Francisco.  Don’t sleep…show ends on August 14.

Article by Khoi Nguyen.
Photos by Ken Harman.