On Thursday, AM braved the stormy streets of New York to attend the launch event at Faile’s pop-up gallery where the Brooklyn duo kicked off the release of their soon-to-be bestseller “Prints + Originals 1999–2009” (previewed). Published by Gestalten, this hefty book gives us an inside look at the bread and butter behind Faile’s rise to prominence – the prints and their unique silkscreening/collaging techniques.

Also, the Patricks have made multiple variants of the book. From hand signed “studio editions” to limited silk-screened versions (5 different covers front and back in editions of 50 for each) to a few unique hand painted covers, there is something for everyone. You can’t go wrong if you stop by before the shop closes on Saturday the 18th by 8 pm which is located located at 151 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. If that wasn’t enough for you to make your way there, Faile has put together a mini print retrospective at the location with some unique hypnotic works from their secret Williamsburg vault that most have never seen before.

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