Just hours ago, Todd “REAS” James’ show at Galeria Javier López opened it’s doors to the “Great Adventure”. It turns out, the adventure was a tongue-in-cheek way of referring to wars and the associated atrocities that come with it. Much like his show earlier this year in NY at Gering & López (covered), James’ cartoonish portrayal of the machinations of war include smiling tanks shooting out blood, funny-faced missiles romping around, nude female soldiers frolicking around in the mayhem, and much more. Seeing the chaos and bloodshed of warfare rendered as such an enjoyable affair really makes the viewer reevaluate society and politics in general, and whether this is how distorted and cavalier our views are of violent confrontations around the world.

AM correspondent Adrián López in Madrid was on hand to document all the action.  More photos after the jump…

Photos courtesy of Adrián López.
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