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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Teaser: Audrey Kawasaki – “Tangled” @ Outre Gallery (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth)

For those of you who have been waiting with baited breath since Audrey Kawasaki’s (interviewed) show in NY (covered) for a new body of work, it’s almost time. Next month in Australia, she’ll be splitting her 10 new original paintings between Outre Gallery’s two locations in Melbourne (10/22) and Sydney (10/29) along with a print only show in Perth (11/5). She’ll be in attendance for the Melbourne and Sydney openings only, so stop by if you want to meet her. Discuss Audrey Kawasaki here.

BLK River Festival ’10: Know Hope

Know Hope (interviewed), whose upcoming show in Toronto we just told you about yesterday, recently found some time again this year for the annual BLK River Festival (you may remember our coverage from last year). This beautiful mural featuring much of the Tel Aviv street artist’s signature imagery is entitled “For the Homeless Heart and Anxious Fingers” and is positioned directly opposite of a former Jewish ghetto in the second district of Vienna. The festival is still ongoing so make sure you check it out […]

Retna x Prism Gallery

It must be nice to have connections. Prism, a spacious gallery built directly on the sunset strip and also an architectural marvel, recently had it’s windows blessed by the street calligraphy of Retna. Hopefully, the work will still be up for the opening on Friday night of the “Misericordia” group show we previewed for you the other day. So, those how missed out on Retna’s immersive solo show at Rivera & Rivera (covered) should definitely check this one out. More images after the jump…

Openings: Shepard Fairey – “Printed Matters” @ Subliminal Projects

Subliminal Projects opened their doors a week ago with a show featuring the work of their head honcho, Shepard Fairey. “Printed Matters” was just that, a collection of some of Shep’s favorite images printed on wood, metal, album covers, and collage. The packed house was also treated to the “Beyond The Street” LA Book Launch with many other street artists and notables in attendance. More opening images after the jump…

Teaser: Know Hope – “There is Nothing Dear (There Is Too Much Dear)” @ Show & Tell Gallery

Coming up next month, Israel’s street poet Know Hope will be bringing his insightful work to the Show & Tell Gallery in Toronto. If previous shows are any indication (like this one), our brothers up north will be in for a treat as the Mr. Hope is known for putting together some pretty immersive installations for his gallery endeavors. Join us on October 7th for a look at the human struggle through Know Hope’s imagery, wording, and metaphors. Discuss this show here. Discuss Know Hope […]

Openings: Aaron Horkey – “Midwestern Heart” @ Remick Gallery

Proving home is where the heart is, it must have been a special moment a couple weeks ago when Aaron Horkey opened his retrospective entitled “Midwestern Heart” in his hometown at the Remick Gallery. With many of the past beloved prints and works from the famed illustrator on display, about the only piece of new art was above show poster above that shows off Horkey’s renowned typography skills. More pics from the show captured by Ben C.K. after the jump…

Openings: Todd “REAS” James – “Great Adventure” @ Galeria Javier López

Just hours ago, Todd “REAS” James’ show at Galeria Javier López opened it’s doors to the “Great Adventure”. It turns out, the adventure was a tongue-in-cheek way of referring to wars and the associated atrocities that come with it. Much like his show earlier this year in NY at Gering & López (covered), James’ cartoonish portrayal of the machinations of war include smiling tanks shooting out blood, funny-faced missiles romping around, nude female soldiers frolicking around in the mayhem, and much more. Seeing the chaos […]

Teaser: Korin Faught & Mia @ Corey Helford Gallery

Showing with Krista Huot (whose work we previewed yesterday) at Corey Helford this weekend will be the talented Mia (interviewed) and Korin Faught. Those attending the show will be impressed by Mia’s storytelling and all the details she packs into her paintings, framed like a scene from greek mythology or epic fantasy novel. Fans of Korin Faught point to her honest portraits of the female form and her use of lighting as aspects of her work worthy of admiration. See for yourself. More preview images […]

Streets: Zilda

French artist Zilda (interviewed) recently visited the northwestern port de St. Catherine in his native country for some relaxation. Of course, always one to mix business with pleasure, he pasted up some of his most recent works throughout seaside locale. You’d be hardpressed to think of a better placement by any other street artist when looking at this stunning new piece on a half-sunken ship. More after the jump…

Video: ABOVE – “Because Now I’m Worth It”

When ABOVE (interviewed) spotted a sweet opportunity on the streets recently in the form of what looked like a frame on a public wall, many different options ran though his head. He finally settled on creating a piece as a play on the fact that Banksy’s street work gets taken so often by unscrupulous “collectors” and the irony of the fact that originally before Banksy’s mass appeal, he painted his popular rat image that read, “Because I’m worthless.” Read more ABOVE’s thoughts behind the piece […]