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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Openings: Mark Dean Veca – “When The Shit Hits The Fan” @ Western Project

Last night, Western Project hosted “When The Shit Hits The Fan”, the newest solo show from Mark Dean Veca (featured). The spacious Culver City gallery was a nice backdrop for Mark’s impressive large scale paintings featuring his highly stylized renderings of familiar pop icons. The body of work is Mark’s reaction to the world today, a sort of an artistic state of the union address detailing his thoughts behind the economy, war, greed, corporate malfeasance, and more. More opening pics after the jump…

Teaser: Martin Wittfooth – “Gardens” @ Roq La Rue

We recently saw a painting from Martin Wittfooth for his upcoming show at Roq La Rue and our jaws dropped – the phrase “next level” comes to mind. This beautiful new piece, “The Devil’s Playground”, will be part of a new body of work entitled “Gardens’ for the Seattle gallery in December.  We’ll have more to follow but take a look at the show card after the jump and you may see a theme developing as hinted at by the title of the show.

Overtime: Sept 12 – 18

Delta opens his show in Paris. Aiko takes up temporary residence in Shanghai. When graffiti comes alive. Herakut gets up in downtown LA. Rene Gagnon never forgets. Life is Beautiful in NY. Eric Fortune working on a new body of work. Joe Ledbetter works in metal. Scott Campbell opens up shop. After the Versailles exhibition, Murakami will return to painting by hand. Magritte exhibition to open at Tate Liverpool. Watch video of Dan Colen’s show Poetry at Gagosian. John Waters, on contemporary art and his […]

Fame Fest ’10: Slinkachu

Probably one of the last artists (see other artists here) to stop by Grottaglie before the Fame Festival opening next weekend is street miniature photographer Slinkachu. The London-based artist worked his magic with his street installations in the Italian town that would probably go unnoticed if you didn’t know where to look. Fortunately, he documents and photographs his clever works for all to enjoy. More pics after the jump…

Openings: Faile Book Launch & Show @ LES Pop-Up in NYC

On Thursday, AM braved the stormy streets of New York to attend the launch event at Faile’s pop-up gallery where the Brooklyn duo kicked off the release of their soon-to-be bestseller “Prints + Originals 1999–2009” (previewed). Published by Gestalten, this hefty book gives us an inside look at the bread and butter behind Faile’s rise to prominence – the prints and their unique silkscreening/collaging techniques. Also, the Patricks have made multiple variants of the book. From hand signed “studio editions” to limited silk-screened versions (5 different covers front and back in editions […]

Update: Josh Keyes

As November draws nearer, Josh Keyes (interviewed) fans must be beginning to get impatient for an update on his newest body of work – “Collison”. Fortunately, we have just the thing to satisfy their cravings – a new image featuring the return of hyenas! David B. Smith Gallery will be the place to be in November when the new body of work is revealed but for now, take a look at some tantalizing teaser images we have gathered for you after the jump…

Previews: “Brit Paint” @ Carmichael Gallery

The Carmichael Gallery will celebrate it’s three year anniversary this Saturday night by hosting a show entitled “Brit Paint”. Britain known for setting trends in the street art scene, but many fans may not know that it has some fine painters using the old-school painterly methods. Featuring a collection of works from Micallef (interviewed), Will Barras, Simon Birch, Guy Denning, Tobias Keene and Ian Francis (featured) – there’s certainly plenty of talent in this lot. Check out an exclusive preview after the jump.

Releases: Mondo Star Wars x Ken Taylor

Unless you’ve been living under a rock these last few months, you may have noticed that the Star Wars and Lucasfilms has been on a roll reinvigorating their franchise with some cool sneaker releases and more importantly a run of limited edition art prints with folks such as Jeff Soto and Dave Kinsey. AM can now bring you a look at the next wave of images to be released in the highly anticipated series. Hailing from Melbourne, Austraila illustrator Ken Taylor has been on our […]

Preview: Dave White – “Forgotten Alchemy” @ Art Copenhagen

Currently showing over in Denmark at this year’s Art Copenhagen is Dave White’s “Forgotten Alchemy”. The series is a little different from the signature sneaker paintings he is famous for, but you can definitely see his style come through with these gun renderings. The new body of work will also include sculptures and drawings. More images after the jump…

Highlights: Recommended Openings for this Weekend (Sept. 17th & 18th)

With the art season off to a great start so far, the quality shows keep coming this weekend. Los Angeles will be the place to be this weekend with solos from Herakut (interviewed) and Mark Dean Veca (featured) leading the way. Check out more shows in the area as well as around the world – all after the jump…