A little while back, we stopped by Mark Dean Veca’s (interviewed) studio to get a glimpse at his new body of work “When The Shit Hits The Fan” – a kind of metaphor for the state of the world today. The show opening next Saturday night, Sept 18th, at Western Project will be his first solo show in Los Angeles and is a collection of thematically cohesive paintings he has been working on since his show at Jonathan LeVine last year.

With some of his more direct imagery to date, Mark takes pokes at the war, the collapse of the economy, corporate greed, and more – all by painting pop icons with his unmistakable style. Dollar signs, Mr. Monopoly, Scrooge McDuck, to the Looney Tunes – all are fair game for the Los Angeles-based artist’s brilliant reappropriation and re-purposing. Were sure you will enjoy the show as much as we will next week, so make sure you add it to your calendars.

Check out our full studio visit after the jump… Also, take a look at a nice video put together by our friends over at The Art Collector’s Blog that may give you a little more insight into the show.

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