If the show involves Damien Hirst, even a show of framed foilblock prints of 4 different butterflies in an array of colors, you know people will come out to see what it’s all about.  The controversial art world superstar recently opened a show at Paul Stolper Gallery in London and the guest of honor (well, she should have been, at least) – Arrested Motion’s s.butterfly (who we here at the office strongly suspect was an inspiration for the show) was there to bring you the vibrant images.

The fragile beauty of an army of butterflies covering the pristine white walls of the crowded gallery seemingly posing for those all around is a thing to behold.  They symbolize life, death, mortality, beauty…what you expect from Hirst’s work.  If you are interested in a print, they are rumored to be £3,000 each.  Contact the gallery for more information.

Photos courtesy of s.butterfly.