Last week, the Brooklyn Museum opened a mid-career survey of the work of Brooklyn-based artist Fred Tomaselli. Tomaselli—who grew up in Southern California, but has been working in Williamsburg since the ’80s—is known for his exciting mixed-media paintings, created by collaging figures and patterns from images of plants, birds and body parts clipped from nature field guides and magazines. Tomaselli also incorporates actual pharmaceutical pills into his works, before covering them in clear resin and then painting over top. The result is totally unique, combining psychedelic, spiritual and aboriginal arts into something new and fresh. In addition, the exhibition shows Tomaselli’s New York Times series, in which he simply alters the main photo on the paper’s front page to dramatic effect.

The survey covers Tomaselli’s work from 1990 to today, and will be up until the beginning of 2011. See all the images, after the jump.