This past weekend, AM (along with our good friend Jasper Wong) was lucky enough to go on a mini tour of the murals in downtown Los Angeles, hosted by one of LA’s finest photographers – Estevan Oriol (after he gave us a tour of his spectacular studio that he shares with Mister Cartoon…more on that later).

The piece that you see above is by Mister Cartoon and Toomer.  It is one of LA’s most famous murals and has been the background for countless photographs and videos.  Up for about 10 years, it was originally black, white, and gray, but was recently given a color upgrade, as well as additional details.

We also visited Blessed Are The Meek, which is a collaboration between Estevan Oriol, El Mac, and RETNA.  It is located in Skid Row, on the side of  The Jonah Project (non-profit dedicated to helping the homeless) building.  As you can see, the piece is of the spectacular quality you would expect from these three.

In addition are walls painted by RISKY, GKAE, other members of Seventh Letter, AWK/MSK, and other Los Angeles writers.  Check out the images after the jump…