Last weekend, we visited with ROA as he worked on his first street piece in Los Angeles (7th and Mateo). It was produced in assocation with The LA Freewalls Project (other artists in the neighborhood for The LA Freewalls Project include Saber, Shepard Fairey, Herakut, and Ron English).  As usual, there is always more to his pieces that meets the eye – check out the tail action. The Belgium-based artist is in town for his pop-up show next week at the New Puppy Gallery (presented by Thinkspace).  We also were able to give you a shot (after the jump) of the rat piece he painted in front of the pop-up venue.

If you look at any of previous shows (Cologne, Paris and London) as a barometer, LA is in for a treat come November 13th.

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Piece in front of pop-up space - image thanks to Reserve Result

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