During the week of Art Basel Miami Beach, there are countless fairs to check out, parties to attend, street and public art to peruse, and fashionable people to gaze at. Although the city facilitates much of this with its warm weather in December and abundant day and night venues, it doesn’t make much use of Miami’s natural habitat and scenic wonders.  Many who visit during Art Basel never even get to see a single wave or put on a pair of flip-flops.  Enter The Island.

The Island was one experience that totally separated itself from everything else that occurred during the week.  Made possible by Los Angeles Nomadic Division (LAND) and OHWOW, The Island lived up to the hype that was built up around it and then some.  Taking place on Flagler Memorial Island and accessible only via transport by boat, The Island was a site-specific exhibition that all took place in one night, from 4pm-8pm.  Guests, including Jeffrey Deitch, China Chow, Aurel Schmidt, Tim Barber, and Adrien Brody, had the pleasure of viewing art by Terence Koh, Scott Campbell, Kori Newkirk, and Jack Pierson, among others.

Unfortunately, due to operational (transportation were strictly by boats that didn’t seat more than 30-40.) and space limitations, very few people had the opportunity to visit the exhibition.  Many whom RSVPed missed out due to overwhelming attendance.  But, have no fear, Arrested Motion was there with all the coverage you need.

We also have a contest.  In the comments, tell us your pick for best piece on The Island and we will give one lucky winner (chosen at random) a Bozidar Brazda vinyl record (7″ vinyl – edition of 200), as seen in the installation.  Enter by Dec. 19. For another chance to win, just go to our Facebook page.

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MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch made the expedition

Scott Campbell piece (Aurel Schmidt and Tim Barber walking in background)

Jack Pierson

Terence Koh

Bozidar Brazda