The relationship between Louis Vuitton and Scott Campbell must’ve started off on the right foot thanks to their collaboration earlier this year (covered), as the multi-faceted artist now has the distinguished honor of designing an entire line for the pervasive brand. Following in the foot steps of such art luminaries as Takashi Murakami to have worked closely with the trend setting product house, Campbell who is known for his accomplished abilities with the pen and the tattoo gun, as well as for thinking outside the box with inventive repurposing of mediums rarely utilized in fine art, has proved once again his range and tenacity as an artist. Best known for his laser cut currency sculptures, and his strict ethical – if hardcore – boundaries as clearly conveyed with the recent burning of an entire sold out show in Mexico, the video (Part I) provides an intimate look at a day in the life with one of the most in-demand artists of the day.

Check out Part II in the video chronicle, with Scott in Paris at LV headquarters working his magic after the jump.

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