With Part 2 of Psych Optic Black Light Fuzz, Dalek (interviewed) concluded his atypical, yet engaging dual exhibition at Hurley )( Space in Costa Mesa, CA, a stones throw away from where Part 1 (covered) was staged, in truly psychedelic fashion. Last summer, this same gallery space played host to another of Dalek’s outside-of-the-box creative endeavors, when a 37foot! canvas was painted for Chaos on the Edge of Reason (covered), only to be cut up into smaller chunks for collectors to go home with.

This time around, an intensely intricate string art installation served as the visceral anchor for the event, with a series of sprawling murals lining the walls of the room to act as the perfect backdrop. A selection of subtle abstract framed works also lined the walls for collectors to enjoy. All told, the two part exhibition brilliantly illustrated Dalek’s creative range and technical prowess in a multitude of mediums and styles.

Check out some opening photos after the jump.

Photos courtesy of Brandon Shigeta.
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