Banksy continues beautifying the streets, and inducing the hysteria of greedy landowners and construction crews, in the Los Angeles area (Part I & Part II & Part III) as a build up to the Academy Awards this Sunday. Located right around the corner from USC’s main campus, Kite riffs on the illegal immigrant caution signs riddling the southern California freeways around the Mexican border area. This Looks A Bit Like An Elephant (after the jump) on the other hand cleverly substitutes wall space for a abandoned oil tanker, transforming an eye sore into a potentially valuable “work of art”. It should be interesting to see if some motivated, money hungry crew attempts steal the oil tanker in the ensuing days, as the sheer scale would make it quite entertaining to watch. All ugliness aside, Banksy and his crew has stepped up their game and attempted to leave their mark on LA, even if others aren’t making it very easy.

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