Ron English & Matt Stone

Last night, AM attended the opening party for the South Park Art Gallery (previewed). Hosted by Comedy Central & Opera Gallery, the exhibition invited 15 artists to reinterpret their favorite character or moments from the iconic South Park animated series which is celebrating it’s 15th anniversary. Curated by Ron English (featured), amazing and hilarious paintings of Kenny, Cartman, Kyle, Stan and the rest of the SP crew were remixed from the unique visions of Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Beau Stanton, Kid Zoom, Dave White, KaNo, Kathie Olivas, Clark Fox, Greg Simkins, Mark Dean Veca, Lindsey Way, Naoto Hattori and Tristan Eaton.

Known as the year of the fan at Comedy Central, the channel made it a point to take care of the fans as themed food, drinks and goodies featuring the artwork from the exhibition were abundant. We also previewed the prototypes of the coming Kidrobot toy set for the SP characters.

Caution NSFW South Park moments after the jump.

Beau Stanton

South Park Creator Matt Stone

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