We usually run previews for shows and bring you a first glimpse of what you can expect to see on the night of the opening. In this case, for Flogging a Dead Horse, we not only have no preview images to bring you, but we also don’t even know which artists will be featured in this group show curated by Steal From Work.

Steal from Work have organised some great group shows in the past, and it sounds like this has the makings of something really interesting for anyone who has found themselves swimming against the current and kicking against the safe-bet. See what they have to say about the show and the reasons behind it after the jump.

Flogging A Dead Horse – March, Bristol

We haven’t produced a show for two years, in fact we’d all but retired from doing shows, but we decided it was time to return. But why now? Well, we’ve been sitting back, checking what everybody else is up to and quite frankly we’re bored. The urban-street-contemporary (God knows what to call it) art scene has got really safe and tedious. Too many characterless galleries producing lifeless exhibitions. Too many curators afraid to take risks. Too many events with zero quality control. Too many artists happy to churn out the same piece again and again. In short, far too little excitement…

So we’re taking it back to the chaotic, rule breaking, breathtaking vibe behind our very first group shows to produce Flogging A Dead Horse (and we guarantee it won’t please everyone).

The Artists
In a scene where artists are almost mega-brands and the very mention of certain names are bandied about like golden tickets guaranteeing gallery success, we’ve decided to keep all the artists a secret until opening night!

Commercial suicide? Maybe, but who cares, it’s not supposed to be all about the money. Is it???

The Showroom
31 College Green
(at the bottom of Park Street – click here for map)

Opening night
Friday 18th March – 7.30-9.30pm

Then open
Sat 19th – Sun 27th March – 11-7pm

P.S. If you like your art safe, easily packaged and are a fan of boring shows, or if you think that just because you can use photoshop to make an ‘edgy’ stencil you’re an artist -this isn’t for you, best stay away.

Otherwise see you there.