In preparation for his newest exhibition, which opened last weekend, Gaia went to town on The Windy City with his intricate animal centric wheat paste creations. With well over ten pieces located in various Chicago neighborhoods, the street artist has created a virtual playground for local art fans. His impressive outdoor efforts were set upon the backdrop of Resplendent Semblance, an exhibition of gallery work hosted by Maxwell Colette Gallery. Not only was a selection of his more traditional decollage works on wood on display, a series of large scale oil paintings were also showcased, highlighting the artist’s multi-disciplinary talents and showing a side many had not seen. For those in the area, his gallery show, along with his outdoor onslaught, are worth taking note and checking out.

Check out the rest of his street work, in addition to some opening photos, after the jump.

"Dusk", Oil on canvas, 98" x 88"

"Lion Rabbit", Oil on paper, mounted on decollage wood, 72" x 60"

Street images via Gaia. Show images via Flint Chaney.
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