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Openings / Streets: LUDO – “Super Discount” @ The Garage (Amsterdam)

Last night in Amsterdam, LUDO (interviewed) opened his third solo of the year at The Garage, bookending what has been a decidedly impressive and pervasive year both on the streets and indoors. Super Discount (previewed) diverged from the the Parisian artist’s graphite on paper modus operandi instead opting for screenprinted multiples on canvas. Inspired by Warhol’s production methodology and paying humble homage to his iconic Campbell’s soup collection, the series is comprised of nine provocative and visually compelling Del Monte can variations, each uniquely hand-finished […]

Streets: Retna (Miami)

After the pulling the cover off of a controversial collaborative mural with fellow graffiti artist Risk a couple weeks back, Retna (featured) bounced down to Miami last week to get a leg up on his fellow artists for this year’s Wynwood Walls. Originally conceived of by Jeffrey Deitch as a clever way to revitalize the debilitated Wynwood Arts District during Art Basel Miami, the annual outdoor art gathering has blossomed into an all out assault by graffiti legends, street artists, and contemporary art figures alike […]

Streets: Invader (São Paulo) Part II

Last month we brought you coverage of Invader getting up down in São Paulo. It appears either the Parisian artist fell in love with the Brazilian street art mecca and stuck around for the past few week. Or he was so pleased with his previous invasion that he quickly returned for another attack. Whatever it may be, the master of the mosaic has bestowed another round of his 8-bit minions scattered throughout the South American country once again in some pretty impressive and brazen locations. […]

Streets: Phlegm – “calibrating the seeing device” (Croatia)

The pervasive Sheffield street artist Phlegm is at it again, this time in Croatia. After recently endowing the streets of London with a steampunk-inspired flying machine, he bestows the Balkans with the longest, most technologically superior seeing device ever. Brilliantly using the architectural details of the space, Phlegm transforms a security gate at the end of the wall into a entry hatch for his signature characters to gain access inside and calibrate the massive telescope. His monochromatic palette, free hand execution, and whimsical narrative has […]

Streets: TrustoCorp (New York) Part 2

As a preamble to TrustoCorp’s recent tongue-in-cheek riffs on reality television and tabloid magazine interventions, the New York-based street art collective had also endowed the Big Apple with a series of their signature signage, as well as a collection of humorous works staged at various subway entrances. Always playful and with a strong message at the core, the installations reaffirm why their unique street art methodology is so effective. Cleverly reclaiming public space otherwise reserved for mundane directional alerts, TrustoCorp has taken it upon themselves […]

Streets: LUDO (Chicago / New York)

Ever since covertly blowing up the crispy clean streets of Zurich with even crispier artwork (covered) in preparation for his first major solo exhibition, La Belle Vie (covered), earlier this year, French street artist LUDO (interviewed) has for the most part been quietly resting, poised to strike at any moment. That moment has arrived, with a productive adventure in the US where he went coast to coast getting up in the three major cities. The signature green tinged, hand-drawn wheatpastes, smartly fusing the natural with […]

Streets: Banksy (London)

In a fitting nod to UK graf artist, Tox, who earlier in the month was charged with criminal damages for his ubiquitous tags across London and beyond, Banksy has issued a tribute in the form of his most recent street piece. Located in Tox’s hometown of Camden, the Bristol-based street icon has cleverly blended whimsy and nostalgia to bring attention to the legal situation of all five street artists brought down in the British Transport Police’s “Operation Misfit”. Whatever the cause for Banksy to get […]

Videos / Streets: LUDO – “Green Berry” (Paris)

Recently engaging in his first solo exhibition in Zurich, La Belle Vie (covered), back in April, as well as spending a great deal of time getting up on the crispy clean Swiss urban landscape (covered), the Paris-based street artist has settled back in his hometown and gotten down to work. With some clever word play, Green Berry is LUDO’s (interviewed) take on cellphone communication technology meshed together with his signature nature themed imagery. The above video shows the multi-talented artist at work, efficiently installing the […]

Outdoor/Streets: “Street a.k.a. Museum” @ Portsmouth Museum of Art – New Hampshire

In yet another example of street art and graffiti’s acceptance and proliferation in fine art institutions across America, the Portsmouth Museum of Art hosts Street a.k.a. Museum, curated by LeBasse Projects’ Beau LeBasse. The exhibition, which opened on May 11 and runs until Sept. 11 features familiar names: Bumblebee, Herakut (fresh off their beautification of Los Angeles), Shark Toof, Alexandros Vasmoulakis, and Andreas von Chrzanowski. The showing is the second part of a two part exhibition, the first of which was in LA featuring the […]

Streets: Gaia (Baltimore)

Back on the streets in preparation for an upcoming group show Succession, Gaia has gone big with his largest unsanctioned piece to date. After going nuts in Chicago with an impressive visual assault on the streets during his time in the Midwest for his solo in March (covered), he undoubtedly felt compelled to bring it proper now that he was back in his home turf of Baltimore. As the artist conveys, “the most massive illegal piece of my life on Edgar Allan Poe”, now fittingly […]