Recently engaging in his first solo exhibition in Zurich, La Belle Vie (covered), back in April, as well as spending a great deal of time getting up on the crispy clean Swiss urban landscape (covered), the Paris-based street artist has settled back in his hometown and gotten down to work. With some clever word play, Green Berry is LUDO’s (interviewed) take on cellphone communication technology meshed together with his signature nature themed imagery. The above video shows the multi-talented artist at work, efficiently installing the intricate wheatpaste on a large scale commandeered billboard.

Additionally, LUDO recently unveiled a new sculptural work, entitled The Cacktus. A mixed media piece composed of polyamide, wood, spraypaint, the sculpture is from an edition of 5, measures 20cm in height, and is priced at 300 euros. A nice three dimensional representation of one of his classic street works.

Check out images of the new sculpture, along with the other new street piece after the jump.

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