As mentioned in our coverage of his debut gallery exhibition in Zurich, LUDO (interviewed) spent a good amount of time out on the streets in advance of the opening pasting up a whole host of smart, sizable pieces. Interestingly, due to the diligently cleaned Swiss streets and serious lack of street art, not only was the Paris-based artist advised to not attend, the gallery went so far as to preempt any unnecessary hindrances to the opening and published an article in the local newspaper explicitly stating the artist would be missing in action. To be quiet honest, the strength of these street works seemingly warrant a “thank you” from the city for spicing up an otherwise drab urban landscape. In the end, a bit of anonymity and seclusion is a small price to pay for sharing his vision with the world.

Check out the rest of his Zurich street work after the jump.

Images via LUDO’s flickr
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