It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen a major show from Glenn Barr. Fans in Los Angeles will be happy to hear that the Detroit-based artist will present his new collection of works entitled Faces this Friday, June 3rd, at La Laz de Jesus. Known for his warm colors and retro style, Barr can convey more emotion with a few brushstrokes than many artists can with an entire canvas.

He talks about this exhibition in his own words – “I feel the paintings for this show need something other than canvas to rest on, so I’ve used found lumber, scavenged from the Detroit landscape, much as I used to do when I started out in the art world. I’ve always liked painting on found objects that have history and personality, like tired, sun-bleached panels from some collapsed building, or discarded cabinet doors lying alongside the road. By discovering them and painting on them, I’m infusing these wood remnants with new life, which gives my work a natural aesthetic of familiarity and creates a permanent visual of the iconic ideal. There is some new ground I am going to cover too which I rarely do. I will have a few “likenesses” in the exhibition and I had a great time painting them.”

Barr will be on hand to sign his latest book, similarly named Faces, so don’t miss the opening.  More preview images after the jump…

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