Perhaps it’s the warm weather. Perhaps it’s a coming to peace with the whole high profile buffing situation. More than likely, it’s simply that the creative juices are flowing like wine and it’s time to drink. Whatever the case, ever since putting up his first piece since the MOCA incident in Palestra (covered) last month, Blu has been getting paint to wall at near record pace. Since May alone, the street art legend has targeted Jensi (covered) & Bologna in Italy, and Krakow, Poland (covered) with his creative urban masterpieces.

Now, it looks like while he was in Poland, he also participated in Outer Spaces Festival, where that Sam3 mural we showed you yesterday was from. Playing on a theme he seems to be fond of recently (see Jesi), it looks like Mr. Blu wants us to free our minds. Seeing as it’s one of his most complex pieces to date, make sure you check out some more shots after the jump…

Photos by Michał Maćkowiak and Michał Ossowski.
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