Sometimes, you can get to feeling all disenchanted about street art – it’s often about the gallery show, the advertising and the PR – nothing feels fresh, nothing feels exciting. Then sometimes, something fresh and exciting pops into your inbox (or in this case your Instagram feed) that makes it all seem worthwhile again….

The most meaningful street art connects with it’s environment and engages with the setting in which it is placed. olive47’s Owl installations do just that, and they are certain to bring a smile to even the most cold-hearted of passers-by. Perched on their own ready-made branches, these little owls seem innocent enough on the surface, but some of these symbolic creatures carry tough-guy messages to the other local avifauna inhabitants of the parks and urban spaces of Cabbagetown and Castleberry Hill in Atlanta and Chinatown & Little Tokyo in Los Angeles…. Look out you pesky bird fucks!

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