Wow. We sat down to scan through the Megunica documentary real quick but ended up watching the whole thing. The film first made rounds in 2009 or so and has won multiple awards at various film festivals but we don’t think there has been an easy way for street art fans get ahold of it – until now. Wired Italy has now made the entire film, all 83 minutes of it, available streamed on their website.

For those unfamiliar, the footage follows Blu on a trip to South America through the countries of Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Argentina. The film follows the Italian street star as he paints and as the crew interact with other people and other artists – basically tracking their adventures. What is particularly enjoyable are all the little animations and the different techniques they use in the process inserted throughout the film. At the end the film, you can definitely see this is when Blu started perfecting his now famous graffiti-animation style. As a bonus, you should read Wired’s interview with the director – Lorenzo Fonda.

A shorter trailer after the jump for those with less patience.

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