AM is a big supporter of Nuart Festival (previewed), so we are thrilled to bring you the trailer of “Eloquent Vandals,” a documentary covering last year’s event. Featuring work and interviews from D*Face, Nick Walker (interviewed), Dolk, Pøbel, Herakut (interviewed), Jimmy Cauty, Blek le Rat, Sten and Lex, Word To Mother (interviewed), Zeus, Know Hope (interviewed), Graffiti Research Lab, and Chris Stain (interviewed), this is going to make for very good viewing.

A test screening of “Eloquent Vandals” will be held during the festival next week, another incentive to head on over to Stavanger. Check out some images of Chris Stain out on the streets several nights ago after the jump.

Unfortunately, the wall has already been painted over by the council.
Images courtesy of Ian Cox.