A couple weeks ago, AM caught the opening of Jeremy Fish’s (featured) exhibition at the Joshua Liner Gallery. The show Listen and Learn showcased not only the bold and complex characters that make up Jeremy’s cartoon-like style, but also the stories of multiple angles told from the viewpoints of different people from all walks of life. With the Snoop Dogg collaboration video we teased you with for comparison, you can see the diversity of focus as the other subjects included skateboarders, strippers, athletes, and more. Each person not only got their stories told in the form of Jeremy’s art, but also recorded a quick and colorful story which was broadcasted to viewers through an installed MP3 player. Of course, Jeremy didn’t just put up some art, he also transformed the gallery with an installation into a veritable outdoor space with faux grass and all.

Check out the full set taken for us by Joe Russo after the jump.

Photos by Joe Russo (AM-NY).
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