A couple of weeks back AM went along to take a look at Meggs‘ first London solo exhibition entitled Inner Demons. Hosted by Zero Cool at pop-up space Red Bull Studios, Meggs pulled together a collection of work from the many facets of his output using a combination of paintings, sculpture, assemblage and an intense installation comprising a demonic masked figure seated amidst a variety of porn, hooker calling cards, spent blunts, Chinese hell money, a crack pipe and emptied bottles of alcohol.

Moving further away from his previous and instantly recognisable superhero motifs, this body of work explored a darker side of the Australian artist’s persona, and the exhibition looked all the better for it. The shadow box pieces containing collaged ephemera collected since his youth were particularly strong. Whilst in town Meggs also got to complete some work outdoors, as seen on our recent Instagram round up.

Check out some images from the short running show after the jump.



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