Anthony Lister and Roger Gastman

Last Friday evening, HVW8 gallery unveiled new works by Australian-born artist Anthony Lister (interviewed). For this project, Junk Food Art House teamed up with the artist in bringing the theme of the lost superhero to the forefront. The exhibit put a cap to the three-week long venture which had Lister’s posters placed all across the city of Los Angeles.

This most recent work continues to explore the artist’s fascination with the superhero as a way to discuss themes of postmodernism and the loss of identity. Four superhero-themed posters, two of them which featured Lister rendered as a type of masked superhero, were on display within the gallery space. Another highlight included his most recent work on canvas which featured a combination of pop culture icons all blending into a singular figure. In this instance, Lister’s abstract style and unique craftsmanship was in full display. Another highlight included the large parking wall behind the gallery which featured various superhero-like characters entirely painted with spray cans. Although not for sale, this work may have been the show’s main attraction mostly due to its pop culture sensibilities and also because it shows the artist’s wide spectrum of  techniques and styles.

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