Anthropocene Extinction

After presenting The Big Easy with her stunning Thalassa installation at the New Orleans Museum of Art in June, Swoon (interviewed) is moving on to her next project.  On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston (ICA) has commissioned the Brooklyn-based artist to create an installation for the Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall. The 400-pound, suspended bamboo sculpture entitled Anthropocene Extinction will soar over 40 feet, be accented by her signature labor intensive cut paper, and will be unveiled this Saturday, Sept 3rd.

As an artist whose work is often associated with social issues and humanitarian projects, this newest piece “looks at the effects of industrialized society on people and the environment, and includes a portrait of one of the last Australian Aboriginals (seen after the jump) to have experienced traditional nomadic culture. The term anthropocene refers to the ‘age of man’ and was recently coined by geologists to describe the outsized influence of man on the natural environment.”

More photos of the install process after the jump…

Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall

Photos via the Boston ICA.
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