International art festivals in Europe featuring street art and graffiti have been on the rise recently, from the the established set to get underway soon (NuArt – Norway & FAME – Italy) to the newer ones (Galore – Copenhagen, T&J Artwalk – Oslo, See No Evil – Bristol, Bloop Festival – Ibiza, Walk & Talk Festival – Azores, Draw The Line Festival – Campobasso). Meanwhile stateside, Atlanta decided not to let the other side of the Atlantic have all the fun as Living Walls kicked off their annual conference with a bang. A roster of street talent such as Roa, Escif, Sam3, Gaia, Labrona, Nanook and many more took to the streets to create their own murals in the ATL.

More photos after the jump courtesy of Vandalog (except Gaia and Nanook pics via Gaia).



Gaia & Nanook