Kelly Webb, Brian Viveros, Jenie Viveros, Anonymous Fan

Several weeks ago in New York, the impressive new paintings that we saw in-studio from Brian Viveros were finally displayed on the walls of the Last Rites Gallery. Entitled Returning Art To The Unclean, the new work all featured his portraiture of smoking hot femme fatales, posed and ready to do battle. For this show, many his “troops” sported tattoos, certainly appropriate for the setting, and as usual, Brian provided the appropriate head gear for them. As a bonus, the evening featured the Sunday Show Burlesque giving a live “Smoking Army” performance. It looks like Brian was also happy to pose with many of his fans who came dressed up perfectly for the occasion.

Don’t miss the last couple days of the exhibition if you are in NY, but for those out-of -towners, take a look at more photos after the jump…

We also have some signed showcard and posters to give away. Just leave a comment to enter and we will get these mailed out to the winners.

Crowd shots courtesy of Mario Manzoni.
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