Over the weekend, the Known Gallery hosted the show entitled New Mathematics. Featuring the work of New York graffiti legend Eric Haze, the exhibition centered around a collection of artwork filled with geometric lines and patterns which give way to both abstract shapes and an aura of cubism. The show featured over 35 different paintings that were carefully detailed against a variety of black, white and gray canvases. Ranging in different sizes, each piece featured interesting and unique designs which can easily engulf the viewer. However at the core, Haze’s latest work is only a progression of a style that continues to evolve over the years and it will be interesting to see what the next step will be for the talented artist.

Take a look at all the opening photos after the jump…

Haze & Rosie Perez

Haze & Lamarche

Haze & Risk

Patrick Martinez, Dabs Myla, David Flores

Photos by Carlos Gonzalez.
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