Just several hours ago, the Honor Fraser gallery finally unveiled the latest works by New York-based artist KAWS. This show, Hold The Line, marks his second return to the gallery (see 2009) and the artwork on display was more than enough to warrant the attention and interest this show had been garnering ever since it was first announced.

This current exhibition features a collection of approximately fifty circular works of art, or tondos (first seen at this year’s Armory). Each piece contains a different rendition which for example may focus on the head, an eye close up, or a times a fully formed character. On top of this series of paintings, another room is simply adorned with a massive triptych that nearly covers the height on an entire wall. Rich in colors and featuring a palette of red,  pink and purple, this piece exemplifies the fluid nature of KAWS’s latest exhibition. The last two stand out pieces were the 8 foot fiberglass companions that fans of his sculptural work will be sure to enjoy.

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Photo credit Carlos Gonzalez (AM:LA)
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