Korin Faught

After visiting Korin Faught’s studio a few days ago (here), we finally got to see the unveiling of her new work on the walls of Corey Helford Gallery. Titled Voices of the Lake, Faught continues to use the theme of reflections and dual imagery in her paintings. This time however, her work features water as a visual motif to explore the hidden and elusive qualities of her subjects. The dark and white colors draping against wooden canvas and the smallest of details on any given character were in full display as her artwork stood alone against the white walls. As part of the exhibit, various small sculptures based on her paintings which also touched upon the theme of reflections were placed across the gallery space.

Also showing during the exhibit, the upstairs floor featured works by artist Joey Remmers. Named Sheep’s Clothing, his return visit to the Culver City showspace included oil on panel paintings that explored the contrasts between seemingly peaceful landscapes and the deadly creatures that lurk all around it. His work stood out on the smallest of details, whether it was a bee crawling on a woman’s hand or a wolf’s pale white eyes. Remmers seems to focus on these small moments as a way to expand on his show’s theme.

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Joey Remmers

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