This past weekend, AM had the privilege to visit Korin Faught’s studio as she prepares for the opening of her new solo show which will take place at the Corey Helford Gallery. Entitled¬†Voices of the Lake, her latest artwork will focus on the theme of multiples as a way to explore issues of identity and self-reflection.

Using photography and self portraits as a starting point for her artwork, Faught is able to give her paintings an aura of mystery and elusiveness. Equally important, her latest effort has a quality that appears to recall different decades and eras. Whether a subject is dressed like a someone out of a 1950s catalog or someone wearing a colorful dress from the 1970s, the paintings do not appear to settle on a specific period. Still, this is not the only aesthetic pushing the artwork forward. Faught seems more concerned with the nuances of the human expression as the means to tell a story. In order to achieve this goal, she’s utilizing a palette which often focuses on bright whites and dark colors. However, she also uses other colors to create a contrast between the subject and the surroundings; thus giving the overall finished piece a great balance. Seen up close, the results could not have been better as she displays a palette of oils that drape over panels of wood. Clearly, the best way to see her latest effort is in person so don’t forget to visit her latest exhibit which will take place on September 3rd.

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