AM recently had the pleasure of visiting Beau Stanton at his Brooklyn studios. Beau made time for us to catch up as he prepared for his upcoming solo show Sanguine Machine: Antediluvian Artifacts from Futures Past at San Francisco’s Gallery Hijinks which opens this Saturday, September 3rd. His style may seem familiar to some because he’s the assistant talented enough to currently work alongside Ron English. His gifted painterly skills, adept use of numerous mediums & techniques, and meticulous attention to details shine through to us every time we see his works.

For this exhibition, Beau takes a step away from his day pop roots and focuses on looking backwards to bygone era. With studies of discarded relics and icons, he aims to explore the dynamic between of juxtaposing destructive imagery with the aesthetic of excess Victorianism. As we enter or exit a cycle between destruction and creation, Beau strives to capture the beauty in its degradation and age. It was a definite breath of fresh air as we watched him in action.

Check out a tour and preview after the jump.

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