As we previewed the installation process a couple weeks back, Swoon (interviewed) has now completed her site-specific installation Anthropocene Extinction for The Institute of Contemporary Art/Boston (ICA). Commissioned by the ICA as the fifth – and largest to date – project for the Sandra and Gerald Fineberg Art Wall, SWOON’s impressive creation that addresses humanities impact on the environment is anchored by a mural that spans the entire length of the lobby and rises 40 feet to the ceiling. A large scale portrait one of the last surviving nomads serves as the mural focal point, with a series of her signature hand cut paper motifs providing intricate reoccurring imagery layered upon hand painted designs.

Additionally, a 400-pound bamboo structure, constructed with the same methods that ancient Chinese built their scaffolding, suspends high off the ground for the viewer to precariously enjoy from all angles. Much like her most recent efforts at the New Orleans Museum of Art, as well as her lace-like installation for Art in the Streets, the resulting labor intensive, mixed media work is awe striking in scale and composition, more than warranting a trip to the institution for those in the area.

Check out additional images of the installation after the jump, along with a nice video showing her artistic process here.

Images via Radio Boston and Paper Monster.
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