Tomorrow night, October 15th, creator of grotesque and ghastly creatures, Chet Zar (interviewed), will be unleashing a new horde of monsters in Los Angeles at the Copro Gallery. Perhaps the show is a little early for Halloween, but at least this means that the new collection of paintings will be available for fans to admire through the end of the month.

Entitled The Left Hand Path, the title of the new exhibition has a double meaning which has both a dark connotation but also a positive one depending how you look at it – just like Chet’s art. As he explained to us “the term is used when referring to black magic, but it is also a term used by Joseph Campbell describing the path that one takes when going outside of their defined role in society. In short, it’s the artist’s path. It’s more dangerous and less secure but it is also more fulfilling and potentially more rewarding.”

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