This past weekend, the Known Gallery presented their latest exhibit titled White Wash which featured artwork from graffiti artist POSE and photography by KC Ortiz.  Starting with POSE, his work featured fifteen new works which filled the gallery’s main floor. Rendered with a variety of materials including wood and plexiglass, the art on display contained an affinity for characters and settings rendered with a variety of colors that made each work come to life. Working with plexiglass material for example, POSE used  dual layers of colors and shapes; thus showing new ways in which graffiti could be displayed on a gallery floor. Apart from this strong aesthetic and style, he also debuted a new piece in which he collaborated on with REVOK. The two had previously worked together on a single piece a few months ago when REVOK had his own exhibit titled Perseverance (covered) at the same gallery.

Also, showing in the gallery was the work of photojournalist KC Ortiz. He also had on display a collaboration which featured one his photographs draped with RETNA’s signature lettering. Ortiz’s collection of photographs were taken during his travels in West Papau and Burma and consisted of images that touched upon the theme of armed struggles and the often unnoticed warfare that is takes place in forgotten parts of the world.

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RETNA and KC Ortiz


POSE x REVOK collaboration

KC Ortiz


Photo credit: ©Carlos Gonzalez for Arrested Motion.