Fresh off a summer that saw him exhibiting in the Portsmouth Museum of Art and causing a ruckus in the streets of New Hampshire, Bumblebee goes all out in a return to his hometown with these two recent pieces.

The first is Passed Out, a mural painted by the artist at the shop’s request on the side of Sherman McNulty Frame Gallery in Hollywood. The 30 ft. x 9 ft. piece represents the first time Bumblebee has made a child this large in size. The image of a young boy sleeping peacefully on a fluffy pillow, when taken in context with the Hollywood streets and the Passed Out title, brings to mind challenging notions of homelessness and occasions of blacking out from excessive partying. As typical of Bumblebee’s artistic practice, the layers of colors in the painting parallel the layers placed on the work when the context is taken into consideration. The second outdoor piece, called Blanket No. 6, continues the artist’s ongoing series of random objects and locations receiving a signature painted black and yellow striped makeover.

More photos, including in-process shots, after the jump.

All images courtesy of Bumblebee.
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