After a successful showing back in May at the prestigious Blum & Poe (covered), Zhang Huan has opened an exhibition in his home country at the Rockbund Museum in Shanghai. The versatile Chinese artist, who made his name with performance art, has focused on sculpture, like his show in Los Angeles, with this huge Confucius piece as the centerpiece. Other highlights include a curious array of creations including incense ash paintings, a robotic Confucius with monkey companions, and an termite-infested installation outside.

The works all attempted to answer cultural questions posed by the artist – “Faced with rapid economic and societal changes and energy and climate challenges, how can we achieve sustainable development? What responsibilities come along with china’s rise in international importance? Where is the sense of spiritual belonging for contemporary Chinese?” The solution appears to involve order, spirituality, and harmony – all stressed in one way or another in the diverse selection of works.

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Photos via Designboom.